Million Dollar Advocates ForumRobert J. Hommel is certified as a specialist in Workers Compensation by the State Bar of Arizona, with over 30 years experience. Since 2004 our firm has limited our practice to representing only persons and families whose lives have been seriously disrupted by the Wrongful Death of a family member, a Work Related Injury or Personal Injury to themselves, or have been wrongfully denied benefits by Insurance Bad Faith. We do not represent insurance companies. Because we focus on specialized claims, we only take a few cases. Our niche is injuries that involve both Workers Compensation and Personal Injury claims, and wrongful denials or delays of benefits caused by Insurance Bad Faith.Our lawyers have extraordinary training and extraordinary dedication to the work we do. Our goal is to provide extraordinary clients with extraordinary representation. We hope you find the information on our website helpful.


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The people we represent are hard working people from all walks of life. The most important decision we make in every case is choosing the right case and right person to represent. The most important decision you make is a lawyer in whom you have trust and confidence. Injury and Insurance claims are all we do. These include Workers Compensation and all Job Related Death and Injury losses as a result of Mining Injuries, Vehicular Injuries, Construction Injuries, Injuries from Falls, and Machinery Malfunctions. We also handle Gradual Injuries from Repetetive Trauma and Overuse. Finally, we prosecute Bad Faith claims against insurance companies that engage in unreasonable delays or denials in the payment of insurance benefits.

That’s all we’ve done for over 30 years. And we would be honored to help you. See our Case Histories and Client Testimonials pages.


We’ll talk to you for free. Find out. We know that legal claims can cause you frustration and worry. They can involve technical requirements and deadlines. Mistakes can have serious consequences. We found that the sooner we speak with someone, after loss or injury, the better to avoid unintended mistakes.


We get results because we love what we do. Robert Hommel has over a decade of experience handling injury claims and trials for insurance companies. Now we’ve put that knowledge to work for the safety of the community. We love to talk about helping people make their lives better. See our Case Histories and Client Testimonials pages.


When death or injury occurs from an on the job accident, and was also contributed to by the negligence of a third party or defective equipment, there are claims for both Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury.  This is a specialized kind of claim that must be coordinated properly.  If done right, one claim can aid the efficiency and recovery of the other.  If not done right, important substantial benefits can be lost under both claims.  Many law firms limit their practice to personal injury claims.  Many law firms limit their practice to worker’s compensation claims.  We are one of the few firms focused on handling both claims together.  Robert Hommel has over 30 years experience in personal injury claims and is a certified specialist by the State Bar of Arizona in worker’s compensation.  You don’t need two law firms for this kind of claim.

Another specialized claim we handle is independent medical examination malpractice.  These claims are mostly limited to worker’s compensation.  Sometimes IME doctors abandon sound medical practices in order to make substantial income from insurance companies.  When an IME doctor renders a negligent opinion, your medical treatment, and disability benefits, can be wrongfully denied.  Sometimes this has catastrophic results.  Call us if you have suffered a serious injury from IME malpractice.

Finally, insurance companies are obligated to handle your claim honestly and in good faith.  Conduct that attempts to deprive you of benefits you are due is Bad Faith Claim Handling. Bad faith may entitle you recover the additional damages you incurred from wrongful delay.  Helping insurance consumers recover for bad faith claim handling is an integral part of our practice.