Resource Links
This is the website for the Industrial Commission of Arizona.  Statutes, rules, forms, and general advice are available at this site.

United Policy Holders is a non-profit that fights for the rights of insurance consumers and educates individuals and businesses on how to get fair treatment from insurance companies.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is an organization of the insurance commissioners from all 50 states.  This website provides helpful information to consumers and insurance companies on a multitude of insurance related topics.

Each year the Arizona Department of Insurance publishes an annual report.  At the end of that annual report it publishes the loss ratios, and other financial data, for the 25 largest insurance carriers doing business in the state of Arizona.
Public Citizen is a middle class consumer advocate, focused on “protecting health, safety and democracy.”
Executive compensation packages at Fortune 100 companies can be reviewed by clicking on the listed companies.
Insurance executive compensation packages.

Insurance Industry Reaps Massive Profits From Delay
This is an article illustrating how insurance companies use computer-driven tactics to “low-ball” claimant payments or delay claims to the point of forcing lawsuits to fight for claimant benefits.

The IRMI is an insurance and risk management resource from an insurance industry perspective.  This website has a glossary of multiple insurance terms.

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