Our Philosophy

“It’s not that we don’t believe in settlement. We try cases because our adversaries drag us, kicking and screaming, into the winner’s circle.” Ned Good – California lawyer and Inner Circle of Advocates member.

A fair and prompt settlement of your insurance claim is what’s best for everyone.  We know that’s what you want.  But sometimes, that doesn’t seem to happen.  We are here to help you get your medical treatment, get your wage benefits recovered, and get back to work.  It has to be done right.  We’ve done it that way for over twenty five years.

We are, by necessity, here to help you, as trial lawyers. Once accepted, every case is prepared for presentation in a courtroom.  We accept cases because a demonstrable wrong has occurred, and our client was caused unnecessary loss. On most occasions, there are powerful insurance interests representing the wrongdoer. They can leverage enormous resources to avoid their personal, or contractual, responsibility. Often, the greater the loss, the greater is the resistance to accept responsibility.

The only way to fight this, is to prepare every case for the courtroom. Good settlements don’t happen unless we’re ready for trial. Effective resource management dictates that trial preparation begins on day one, and doesn’t stop until the case is over.

Settlements, by definition, are a matter of mutual agreement. Every case has a reasonable settlement value. But we have no control over a corporation’s willingness or unwillingness to offer that amount, at any time in the process. We want what’s best for you. And will fight for that.

Sometimes, the case has to be tried to achieve that value. We are ready to do that too.